From the Brian:
I decided to re-release this entire book as a website so more people can view it than I'd be able to by showing people in person, one at a time. And as its not practical for me to read my writings in person to everyone (which I enjoy doing), I have read each one here on the webpage. Press "Play" at the top of each poem, and then you can read along as I present it to you. That is how I have designed this site and how I think the book will be most enjoyed.

Turn up yer computer speakers.

THANKS for listening!

Print Copy?:
If you are interested in buying the book for yourself, or as a gift, or whatever, I am willing to re-print copies of the book for the original price I sold them for back in 2001, at $5 each + $1 for postage and handling. I can sign it to whoever you like as well, if you like. Email me

About & Credits:
Stereo Sound Surrounds Me was originally self published in Fall of 2001.

Besides a slight title change and graphic editing, the content is the same and mainly scanned from the print original. I feel that this booklet, more than any other that I've released, most perfectly explains the essence of myself and what I feel makes me important.

The original pages were printed in Fall of 2001 with a Toshiba P321 dot matrix printer and typed up on a Tandy 2000 computer. The handwriting is mine from 2001. Title page photo taken at Karaoke From Hell at Dante's by psychobilly chick, Marty in 2001. The "THE" and "SURROUNDS ME" pulsing graphic were made using the Cool Text Graphic Generator. The "Stereo Sound" cover logo was done by... you guessed it, myself with pen in 2001.

I would be most pleased if you were to leave me a comment to say you were here.


On Sep 07, 2009
Laura said:
Hi Brian, Loved hearing you recite your poetry onn this page! I liked being able to read along too. I listened to I'll give you the piece... several times. It enriched me.
Thanks for sharing,
On Sep 07, 2009
Brian Moy said:
Hi Laura, I'm touched to hear that you liked it! Thanks for the feedback and support. I'm glad you liked the way I set this page up. The actual book is very short (only 4 pages) so I tried to give it a nice flow.
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